Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Free $10 Gift Card from Restaurant.com!!!

Beginning Nov. 26th and through Dec. 25th you can send a $10 Gift Card to Restaurant.com up to 3 friends a day! Then those you send it to can choose one from a list of restaurants that they want to use their Gift Card for. You can go HERE to see all of the rules and restrictions, but I can tell you that basically you have to spend $10 more at the restaurant than your gift card is for and you often have to pay a set amount in gratuity. Also, with this promotion, you can't send it to yourself and you can only send one to a friend a single time (so maybe get a couple of different friends to send you a one)! In the end you still only spend about half of the meal and that can be a very good deal! Visit FEED IT FORWARD HERE!

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