Thursday, October 22, 2009

Old Navy's Hidden Coupons!!! $75 off $100!!!

Have you heard about the Old Navy Hidden Coupons? This is so much fun! Every week Old Navy updates their page with a new scene. What you have to do is click around on different items and try to put them in different places. For example, If you wave your mouse over a scarf and your mouse turns into the hand thingy, then you know you can move it and you have to find where it belongs (around someone's neck, in their purse, etc.) When you find the right place a coupon will pop up and tell you if it's still available or not. Then you just enter your info and they email it to you. You can even find another coupon and email it to a friend! At the top of the page it will tell you which coupons are still available. They always update around Thursday (since that is when the old coupons expire). So watch today and tell us if you find one and for how much! I'll post their locations ASAP! HAPPY HUNTING!!! Go HERE!

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