Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Make Yourself at Home!

Welcome to my new blog "MONEY SAVING JUNKIE." Okay, so maybe I'm not a JUNKIE, but one of my passions is saving money and finding great deals (especially getting things for free)! On my blog you'll find all things related to saving you money including, but not limited to, Coupons, Crafts, Grocery and Meal Ideas on the cheap, Frugal Date Night Ideas, Free Stuff, Entertainment, Work from Home ideas, and tons more! My hope is to save you A LOT of money WITHOUT having to spend a lot of time and effort. So "WELCOME" and please feel free to leave comments often about the deals you find and what you would like to see on MONEY SAVING JUNKIE.


  1. This blog is a very cool idea! Have you ever used this website?
    If you use coupons it's really helpful. You just click on the store you want to look at(usually Frys for me because that's the closest) and it tells you what's on sale in their ad and what coupons you can use with what's on sale. It even has a link to print out any online coupons. Pretty cool!

  2. Yeah Brenda, I know they have several of these. They're so great to have because they really make it sooooo easy! Hopefully you'll still visit me too! ;-)

  3. This is great blog Aubrey! I'll be checking in.