Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Great Christmas Gift for $1!!!

For those of you who live near Dollar General (which if you live near me there is one downtown) you can go there and they have Mr. Potato Head on sale for $3. Then you can print the coupon above HERE twice by hitting the "back" button 3 times, and get $2 off each one. Tadaaa! 2 Christmas Gifts for only $1 each! Or you could even donate them for the Holidays if you don't have anyone small enough to give them to. There are also a lot of other Toy Coupons you could print for some possibly good deals this Holiday Season!

* I just read that you may want to call ahead to make sure your store takes printable coupons. I don't encounter this problem very often, but it's better to check before you make the trip. I called my store today and they said they will take them as long as they have a barcode (which they do)!

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