Wednesday, October 28, 2009

FRY'S DEALS (Oct. 28th - Nov. 3rd)!!! Plus...MOONLIGHT MADNESS!!!

Here it is Ladies! Fry's is running a SPECTACULAR sale this week! All coupons are worth (at least) $1 AND when you Buy 10 of the participating items you instantly get $5 off your bill! Pair these deals with coupons and you should get quite a bit of things for FREE!!!

*Note: I found a great Tear Tab coupon by the Sarah Lee Bread and Bagels. WYB one loaf of Sarah Lee Bread you G1 free pkg. of Sarah Lee Mini Bagels! So be on the look out and take what you'll use, just don't take them all... :-)

New York Strip Steak $3.77 lb. (good price for steak)

Pork Spareribs .97 lb.

Apples .49 lb.

Broccoli $1 lb.

The Following Deals are the B10 G$5 off your order!

Hormel Chili .88 ea (our favorite canned chili)

Betty Crocker Potatoes .99 ea.

Gatorade or Propel .49 ea.

Lay's Potato Chips or Daisy Sour Cream $1.77 ea.

Lean Cuisine or Stauffer's Entrees $1.69 ea.

Cheez-its .99 ea.

Coke Products .89 ea.

Wishbone or Ken's Dressing $1.49 ea.

Bumblebee Tuna, Dole can of Mandarin Oranges, or Del Monte Tomatoes .49 ea.

Nabisco, Chips Ahoy, Cakesters, or Snyders Pretzels $1.99 ea.

Birds Eye C&W Veggies $1.49 ea

Pace salsa or Jose Ole` Taquitos $1.99 ea.

Colgate Toothpaste or Toothbrush $1 ea.

Nutrigrain Bars or Kellogg's Cereal 1.99 ea.

Activia or Go-gurt $1.49 ea.

Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate .79 ea.

Ore Ida Fries $1.99 ea.

Heinz Ketchup or Franks Hot Sauce $1.49 ea. (we love Franks on wings! They taste just like the restaurant!)

Halls or Ricola Cough Drops .50 ea.

ALSO, BIG NEWS! This Thursday Oct. 29th Fry's will be having a Moonlight Madness Sale from 3-9pm!!! The Halloween candy will be priced from $1.67 and up. If you've got coupons this will make for a Terriffic Sale! Also, the kiddos can wear their costumes and trick-or-treat throughout the store and there will be cookie decorating and samples!!! The other deals include:

Doritos $1.48 ea

Pop Secret Popcorn .88 ea

Langer's Apple Juice .88 ea

Gala Apples (3lb. Bag) .99ea

Bar S or Kroger Bacon .97 ea.

Kroger semi-sweet chocolate chips .97 ea

These are only while supplies last!

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